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Did you know that more than 80 % of experienced sonographers endure pain while performing diagnostic ultrasound? This is alarming!

The comfort of a sonographer is related to the success of the examination. Ultrasound checks are long, they can be time-consuming and difficult. It is crucial that sonographers are provided a suitable chair that offers a healthy support during their work.

What features should a chair have?

It must be height adjustable.

It must provide effective movement along the examination table and the ultrasound console.

It must be adaptable to different sonographers and various examinations because the positions vary as well.

What is the reality?

The experience of work-related pain and even the development of MSK injuries are common among sonographers and ultrasound technicians. The affected areas are: neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, arms, upper and lower back.

These disturbances can vary from a temporary pain to a permanent injury that leads to termination of employment due to the permanent disability.

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What does The SonoErgo Chair offer?

Did you know that between 63% and 91% of sonographers develop a certain MSK disorder? If we compare it to the entire population, that percentage is between 13% and 22%. (Rousseau et al, 2013).

We all agree – the numbers are too high – we have to take measures now!


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What are the dangers and possible injuries in sonographers?

The most affected areas are neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, upper and lower back. The general causes for the development of injuries in sonographers are: poor and/or static body posture, repetitive movements, constant pressure while gripping the ultrasound probe, the use of force while performing the examination, psychosocial factors and managing workload.

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What features should a chair have to avoid work-related injuries?

A chair must be height adjustable. It must enable easy movement along the examination table and the ultrasound console. It is important that the chair is easy to adapt to different sonographers and different types of examinations, because the positions of patients and sonographers differ. The chair must provide a good and proper support to the back, buttocks and legs.

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