SonoErgo – feel the comfort and ergonomics.

The SonoErgo Chair offers optimal sitting for sonographers and prevents the onset of work-related injuries.

The statistics are rather alarming:

Between 63% and 91% of sonographers develop a certain MSK problem. If we compare it to the entire population, the percentage is between 13% and 22″% (Rousseau et al., 2013).
More than 80% of experienced sonographers report of enduring pain while performing ultrasound check (Rousseau et al., 2013).
In an Australian survey 95.4% of sonographers reported feeling some musculoskeletal pain and unease (Cursaro et al., 2014).
9 out of 10 sonographers stated having pain in neck, shoulders and/or back which prevents them from optimizing their job performance (Wuebben & Roozen, 2015).

Ergonomic equipment (ultrasound, chair, examination table …) and correct body posture are two main factors that largely contribute to prevention of MSK injuries and problems.

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What does The SonoErgo Chair offer?

With The SonoErgo Chair your sitting is ergonomic.

Ergonomic sitting is the basis for well-being of a sonographer and successful ultrasound examination.
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What does that mean?

Ergonomic sitting means that the chair enables the kind of sitting where your spine, buttocks and legs have good support. It is important that the chair offers support to all of the above-mentioned parts of the body.

The important areas of the ergonomic sitting:

HEIGHT / The seat height is adjustable, enabling the sonographer to adapt to the patient on the examination table and the ultrasound machine.

What is the optimal adjustment of the chair height for the sonographer?

The optimal adjustment of the height for a sonographer is such that:

the elbows are close to the trunk and the forearms are parallel to the floor. In case the forearms are raised for 20 centimetres, it leads to tiredness in less than 7 minutes.

the spine stays in the straight position and is supported by the backrest.

the wrist is in the same line as the forearm.

SEAT / The seat of The SonoErgo Chair is made of quality upholstery. This means that the seat does not depress with use. The size of the seat is extremely important and it should be such that offers support to buttocks and thighs. Undersized seats cause discomfort and pain because they do not offer proper support. The seats are adjustable in height and the seat tilt is adjustable as well.

SUPPORT / The SonoErgo Chair gives support to all the important parts of the body (buttocks, trunk and legs) which are affected during the sonographer’s work. When a chair does not give the right support, the body is in a wrong position and that leads to constant pain and later on to permanent injuries.

BASE / The SonoErgo Chair is adjustable in height as well. This is very important because in special positions it enables good support to legs and consequently to the rest of the body. The base is strong and stable, it enables quick and easy movements. The adjustable ring for supporting feet is especially welcome in cases when sonographers cannot reach the floor with their feet. 

BACKREST / The SonoErgo Chair has a quality upholstered backrest that is height adjustable and offers proper support to the spine. The tilt of the backrest can be adjusted as well, thus enables support in specific body postures. The dimensions of the backrest are carefully selected, not too big and not too small. The backrest enables agile, simple and at the same time comfortable work to a sonographer. All the sonographers who tested the chair during its development stages confirmed this.

MATERIAL / When developing The SonoErgo Chair, special attention has been paid to the selection of materials. All the materials are high quality and are of the EU origin. The chairs are made in the EU. They hold the Certificate of Conformity and comply with all EU directives. The seat and the backrest of The SonoErgo Chair are upholstered in dedicated materials, suitable for intensive use and thus provide maximum durability. Alongside durability, the materials are also suitable for cleaning in a medical environment. There is a wide range of colours to choose from, meaning the chair can fit in the general look and design of the work environment.

ARMREST / The SonoErgo Chair does not have armrests. The studies have shown that the sonographer chair should not have armrests because these disturb the work process and access to the patient and the ultrasound equipment.

Which types of The SonoErgo Chairs are available?

SonoErgo Standard

– the surface of the backrest and seat is flat –

SonoErgo Premium

– the surface of the backrest and seat have ergonomic emphasis –

Colour of the seat and backrest

You can choose among a variety of colours:
You decide the colour of chairs.

The colour chart enables you to select the colour that best fits your work environment and satisfies your preferences. Regardless of the number of chairs you need, you can choose any colour from our chart.

Seat and backrest material        

Quality and durable material

In SonoErgo we pay special attention to the materials. All materials are of high quality and of EU origin. Chairs are made in the EU.

The seat and backrest of The SonoErgo Chair are upholstered in dedicated materials, suitable for intensive use and thus provide maximum durability.

Not only do the materials offer good endurance, they are also suitable for cleaning in a medical environment using non-alcohol based cleaning agents.

Mechanism for height adjustment

How to choose the right height of The SonoErgo Chair?

The right height of the chair has to be adjusted according to the height of the chair’s user. The right choice of mechanism enables adjustment of the optimal chair height. You can choose among these mechanisms:
Mechanism A – the height range of the chair is adjustable from 48 cm to 56 cm above the floor (less than 3% of users decide for this height)
Mechanism B – the height range of the chair is adjustable from 49 cm to 63 cm above the floor (suitable for 95% of users)
Mechanism C – the height range of the chair is adjustable from 66 cm to 91 cm above the floor (suitable for users who operate with a very heightened work surface which is not possible to lower, less than 3 % of users decide for this option)

Types of chair base

You can choose among different materials and colours of the base:

CHROME base in silver colour.

ALUMINIUM base in silver colour (available also in black).

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